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Our "Full PMS Implementation" Services

After our executive level meeting with CHRO, HR Dept. and sponsoring team, we would offer customized services (coaching & software), shown below.

PMS Workshop

Covers core concepts. Samples of Goals and cycle, grading with risks and culture. Coaching, Training internal PMS Champions.

Goal Setting

Workshop covers drafting effective Goals, analysis, guidelines, hands-on sessions, validation and Feedback.

Goal Alignment

Helps in Goal alignment between departments, finalization and publication. Check-in process facilitation and quarterly audits.

PMS Automation

As per scope automates the PMS processes, workflows, best practices and configuring the tool with user training and go-live.

CFR Automation

Integrates with CFR approach, tools, apps (Microsoft Teams and Slack ) to Automate Team Collaboration on Goals.

Add-on Automation

Covers Coaching VAS (value added services), PMS++ or Talent Management add-ons and on-demand data integration.


Implement PMS in our Organization to Transform

Skills2Talent™ Full PMS Services (one-stop shop) facilitate PMS at corporate level and create a solid foundation by educating your CXOs and their extended leadership team. Thus, institutionalize PMS implementation and help create your PMS Playbook. Our unique PMS Services portfolio covers;

PMS Workshops: History, Fundamentals, Specific examples with benefits, PMS Cycle, Check-ins, Grading, Risks, Culture and PMS taking your business to next level

PMS Coaching: Onsite/F2F, Remote Coaching

PMS Alignment Workshop: Strategy, Inter-Departmental Alignment, Finalizaion & Publication

CFR (Conversations, Feedback & Recognition) Training: To drive employee engagement and enable Continuous Performance Management

PMS Workshops & Coaching

Skills2Talent™drive your PMS approach through onsite PMS workshops and will provide the training to your team needs, paired with remote coaching sessions to ensure sustainable results. During a full day workshop, participants will learn the PMS fundamentals through a series of hands-on exercises to ensure the effective adoption of the capabilities developed during the training. It can be expanded both by adding more workshops or by extending the coaching period and other PMS Value Added Services.

When you choose us as your PMS Coaches, you’ll benefit from 65+ years of experience with MNCs such as Intel (Where PMS originated), Motorola, DELL, Thomson Reuters, TCS, Siemens, Ness, HP, Huawei covering roles such as IC, Manager and Site level leadership. We understand that no two organizations are alike. We’ll work with you to design a tailored engagement uniquely suited to your needs.


PMS Alignment Workshop & CFR Training (Conversations, Feedback & Recognition)

After the workshop, attendees will review the PMS and align them with the other teams. The successful implementation of an PMS framework requires a commitment to bottom-up engagement. PMS is a transparent push-pull process between executives, managers and team. Our alignment workshops help your collective efforts vertically and horizontally by logical/mind mapping for cross-team communication, transparency, building synergy, reducing overlap and thus contributing to the big vision.

Without CFR, the PMS implementation will not be successful and miss the human part. Our training ensure people involvement in goals alignment conversations, regular goal check-ins thereby the top talent engaged and retained. Our guidelines to your managers help to customize as per roles and enable confidential conversations towards continuous employees’ development which helps in calibration and talent segmentation process. Further the peer feedback and public/social recognition enable continuous performance and employee engagement.

CFR on SMART Goals by Team collaboration tools

Skills2Talent™ is integrated (Data, SSO) with Microsoft Teams and Slack which are leading, powerful and advanced tools used globally for Team Collaboration. So, enable CFR on-the-go using mobile/tablet also on your desktop/laptop, 24/7/365 days and perform instant Conversations, Feedback and Recognition (CFR) about SMART Goals remotely using public/private channels.

Post Covid-19 crisis, companies/HR/managers/employees and IT Dept. realizing that a "simple HRMS mobile app" is not sufficient compared with these market leading tools for comprehensive, 360° communication types with video/voice meetings, chat, digital badges, file attachments, storage and document management tools with powerful SMART Goals content search options.

So, bring your team together with various day to day SMART Goals communications across organization/department/ teams/manager - employee and enable CFR for SMART Goals management. Check out our Integration pages (Microsoft Teams & Slack) on this website for more details.

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Break Digital Silos - Integrate Seamlessly

Our Software integrates with popular business applications, authentication providers and HRIS. Bridge the disconnect between strategic, operational and performance management systems.


Why we are Different?

Our strength is focussed talent management software implementation experience, deeper understanding of performance management domain and proven product to market fit, leading a short and successful implementation.

In house principal OKR coach, qualified consultant and MNC experienced professionals (>60 Yrs.) to provide a complete end to end "full OKR implemenation" services, including training to your internal OKR Champions with knowledge transition.

Comes with our backend remote support infrastructure, expertise for a systematic go-live.


Ease of Use (UX)

Millennials friendly modern UX design, built-in user tips/tutorials, free PMS & CFR samples & user training

Fully Customizable

>8 Years of excellent product-to-market fit software engineering maturity at SMBs to MNCs across industries clients

300+ Clients Exp.

Unique best practices, innovative implementation with digital product adoption tours for users

Ready Integration

First of its kind tools integration with HRIS, KPI data source, SSO, User adoption for OKR and Talent Management products

User Perspectives

Check out our designs by UX experts, In-app live flows, Online multimedia tutorials, tools integration and world-class support & training.

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Digitize Your Talent Management processes in one unified platform to manage OKRs, CFR, Continuous PMS, L&D and Core HR in one system.

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