Exit Management - Employee Separation Automation


Paperless & Remote Exit Management

Skills2Talent™ E-Separation provide a single platform for a comprehensive, error free disengagement, smooth offboarding and transition. Thus provide a value add for your missing HR automation and close the gap.

Ensure statutory compliance and audit results

Provide transparency in the offboarding process

Enable smooth transition and disable perceptions

Automate paperless resignation, retention or relieving remotely

Configure multilevel apply, authorize, approve and withdrawal options

Implement centralized or department & location wise exit clearance process owners, checklists with soft copies attachments

Assign a different admins inside HR with full or restricted HRIS data

Manage notice periods, Conduct exit interviews and push data to HRIS for Full & Final Settlements

Keep the history records for lifetime to re-hire, audits with reports

Resignation, Workflows & Approvals

Skills2Talent™ E-Separation solution helps in converting your paper forms, excel sheets in to e-Forms with workflow options and stage wise soft copies attachments and tracking with dates.

Setup resignation auto approvals after #days set with controls

Raise resignation on behalf of reportee/absconders by HR/Manager with controls

Configure the first level of resignation approvers (one or multiple)

Identify successor for work handover with knowledge transition plan

Track the approval pending, completed, withdrawal with detailed logs

Manage multiple notice periods as per salary band/grades/designations

Configure email notifications for timely actions by process owners

Improve employee seperation processes through structured and configurable automation using best digital tool kit to all stakeholders to empower your outgoing employees/gig workers as your brand ambassadors!


No Dues Department Clearances

Skills2Talent™ exit clearance automation provides multiple convenient options to plan, track the execute no dues processes electronically across your sites.

Configure multiple clearance categories, checklists and owners

Create multiple clearance items for "No Dues" across projects, roles, departments, BUs and HR

Assign clearance ownerships to one or multiple people to authorize

Map location wise people for same departments to perform clearances

Provide the complete transparency of clearances to stakehoders with logs

As Exit admin. manage all clearances till closure with all e-checklists

Configure email notifications for timely actions by process owners

Enable auto push the exit data to your master HRIS for F&F settlements

Exit Interviews (Remote / F2F)

With Skills2Talent™ Resignation and Retention tools, create custom exit feedback forms and digitally collect from stakeholders with ease. Supported by feedback follow-up email alters/reminders makes data collection easy for HR department to improve exit interview effectiveness.

Create a clear strategy on what data you would like to collect

Design the exit interview e-forms to validate the actual Vs mentioned

Collect the exit reasons & encourage candid feedback for improvements

Enable employee/HR to fill-up the form and set hire/don't hire flag with employment status info to auto update master HRIS through REST API

Thank the employee/gig worker/contract staff for the valuable contributions. Use the in-active employees data as per need anytime


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Break Digital Silos - Integrate Seamlessly

Our Software integrates with popular business applications, authentication providers and HRIS. Bridge the disconnect between strategic, operational and performance management systems.


Why we are Different?

Our strength is focussed talent management software implementation experience, deeper understanding of performance management domain and proven product to market fit, leading a short and successful implementation.

In house principal OKR coach, qualified consultant and MNC experienced professionals (>60 Yrs.) to provide a complete end to end "full OKR implemenation" services, including training to your internal OKR Champions with knowledge transition.

Comes with our backend remote support infrastructure, expertise for a systematic go-live.


Ease of Use (UX)

Millennials friendly modern UX design, built-in user tips/tutorials, free samples & user training

Fully Customizable

>8 Years of excellent product-to-market fit software engineering maturity at SMBs to MNCs across industries clients

300+ Clients Exp.

Unique best practices, innovative implementation with digital product adoption tours for users

Ready Integration

Instant integration option with our range of Talent Management Products (Skills2Talent™) & HRMS

User Perspectives

Our Skills2Talent™ Talent Management platform give at most priority for user adoption to your employees, which is the largest population in your organization.

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Digitize Your Talent Management processes in one unified platform to manage OKRs, CFR, Continuous PMS, L&D and Core HR in one system.

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