Identify and develop future leaders in your organization

Use 9 Box grid with "3 pairs of dimensions" to do Succession, Development, and Retention. Find "HiPo workforce" you need today, and tomorrow.


9 Box data from PMS

The data captured from PMS appraisal flows in to 9 Box grids. It helps you to cultivate a talent pipeline with the right people in the right roles to ensure organizational success.


3 pairs of dimensions

Each pair has both X and Y axis data plotted, such as (a) Performance Vs Potential, (b) Competency Vs Objective, and (c) Attrition Risk Vs Impact to manage talents.


Compare with filters

Apple to Apple comparison filters helps to easily assess and compare employees readiness for future roles. 10 different filter options includes role, designation, employee status etc.


Conduct calibration sessions using live data and easily create executive level presentations by 3 pairs of 9 Box grid data.

Talent Pool

Create personalized career plans, address competency gaps and assign SMART mentoring programs with IDPs.


Use identified flight risk employees and empower to advance their careers. Accelerate SMART development and growth.


As an extension of your Performance Management, 9 Box matrix helps you with HiPo development processes using modern talent management approach such as;
Guideline to identify HiPo would be, (a) Aspiration, (b) Ability, and (c) Engagement
Evaluate the Current State of Your High-Potential Employee Program
Identify High-Potential Employees at Your Organization
Engage and Retain High-Potential Employees

Pair-1: Performance Vs Potential (HiPo)

Using 9 Box pair 1 data, Objectively assess employee potential (HiPo & LoPo) in comparison with performance (in one view), So you can compare, develop and retain the right talent. Drive the reward and promotion strategies with instant data flown from PMS

Accurately identify top (and bottom) performers using a configurable 9 Box matrix

Objectively assess employee performance Vs potential for calibration using filters

Uncover hidden talent through org-wide talent view that leverages comprehensive employees' performance and potential comparison

Instantly nominate internal and external department successor candidates to key positions across the company using 9Box insights

Pair-2: Competency Vs Objective

Using 9 Box pair 2 data, View, compare and analyze the score between behavioural competencies Vs objectives (business goals). Helps in identifying people management abilities with soft skills aspects or for individual contribution roles.

Enable strategic succession management, create meaningful SMART Development Plans (IDPs)

Understand the position of each employee within 9 Box view and moderate discussions using “what if” scenarios

Close talent gaps with career paths that link to SMART development plans and L&D activities


9 Box helps you to meet these HiPo Development Objectives: Build a pipeline for succession planning Improve HiPo Retention Improve HiPo performance in specific skills/competencies Engage managers in HiPo development using CFR (Conversations, Feedback and Recognition) Improve HiPo Performance Assess HiPo commitment and alignment to the organization's OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)

HiPo Development Methods - Best Practices: Live/Classroom learning Mentoring/Sponsorships Experiential development through strategic projects involvement Job rotation assignments Executive coaching Providing stretch goals, roles and such experineces Social learning Providing experiences outside your department, division, organization or group companies


3 unique pairs of 9 Box grid allows you to present and share live talent information so you can easily engage in strategic talent conversations with management, managers, and HR leaders.
The Succession Org. wide matrix gives quick visibility into your talent gaps, including key indicators such as risk of loss, impact of loss, and ready talent pool etc.
Use our built-in guidelines, Integrated Whatfix (Digital Adoption Platform) flows, and tips to easily self learn and perform.

Pair-3: Attrition Risk Vs Impact

Use 9 Box pair 3 data, and uncover workforce attrition insights and provide talent risk visibility for HR, Managers and Executives. Drive retention decisions with live data.

Explore “good fit” role recommendations to find positions that match employees’ attrition risks and mitigate business impact

Use attrition data and introduce CFR (Conversations, Feedback and Recognition) tools. Recommend to engage in frequent dialogue about development activities and provide employees the guidance they need through ongoing feedback and coaching

Frequently assess the critical resource risk and impact of key talent loss. Build retention, succession or hiring pipeline digitally.

Remotely engage and motivate employees with meaningful SMART development goals (IDPs) and internal career opportunities and see the trend over multiple PMS timeline

Use permission controls to protect sensitive attrition data while supporting access for manager roles

Performance Management Add-ons?

With Add-on modules, you can achieve the multiple level of automation and data visibility as per your organization need and budget. Thereby at one integrated system you can have a convenient option of a comprehensive Performance Management System with scalable features on demand basis. With logical sequence of each of the features data, it is even more clear for Managers/HR to drive actions holistically without missing links.

→ 9 Box Grid → → SMART IDPs → → 360° Feedback →

Advantages of Add-On Modules

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Break Digital Silos - Integrate Seamlessly

Our Software integrates with popular business applications, authentication providers and HRIS. Bridge the disconnect between strategic, operational and performance management systems.


Why we are Different?

Our strength is focussed talent management software implementation experience, deeper understanding of performance management domain and proven product to market fit, leading a short and successful implementation.

In house principal OKR coach, qualified consultant and MNC experienced professionals (>60 Yrs.) to provide a complete end to end "full OKR implemenation" services, including training to your internal OKR Champions with knowledge transition.

Comes with our backend remote support infrastructure, expertise for a systematic go-live.


Ease of Use (UX)

Millennials friendly modern UX design, built-in user tips/tutorials, free OKR & CFR samples & user training

Fully Customizable

>8 Years of excellent product-to-market fit software engineering maturity at SMBs to MNCs across industries clients

300+ Clients Exp.

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Ready Integration

First of its kind tools integration with HRIS, KPI data source, SSO, User adoption for OKR and Talent Management products

User Perspectives

Check out our designs by UX experts, In-app live flows, Online multimedia tutorials, tools integration and world-class support & training.

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