Competency Management System (CMS)


Digital Competency Mapping

Competency mapping is a process of identifying key competencies for an organization and/ or a job and incorporating those competencies throughout the various processes (job evaluation, training, recruitment) of the organization. In other wards, we would define a competency as a behaviour (communication, leadership) rather than a skill or ability.

Skills2TalenT™ CMS simplify and automate the end to end Competency Management processes systematically by our technology platform.

Competency Dictionary for Meta (core) & Sub Set (low level)

Roles and Responsibilities & Projects Definition

Rating Scale Set up for Target Proficiency Levels Across Roles

Competency Mapping by Linking Role/Designation/Project with Skill-set

Online Competency Assessment

Skills2Talent™ CMS automate the assessment centre for facilitator (HR / L&D), Assessor (Subject Matter Expert / Manager) and Assessee (target employee), while your senior management provide direction on business requirements w.r.t. competencies (technical/behavioural). The Q&A based online competency assessment configurable workflows simplify the approach that can be rolled out across the organization with ease (Ref: People Capability Maturity Model - Carnegie Mellon University).

Based on role/employment type/target group the assessment can be set-up and the outcome will be skill matrix / spider chart along with skill gaps and supporting proficiency levels (target Vs actual). The L&D roadmap / training calendar can be derived from visual/color coded Excel reports as next steps to fill the skill gaps of your workforce.


Skill Gap Analysis (Post Assessment)

Skills2Talent™ CMS help with skill matrix output data for each function/role combination as per competency dictionary. The skill matrix along with visual spider chart provide detailed profile of the position assessed, the enabling and technical competencies requirements with behavioural indicators for the identified competencies with target (desired) Vs actual skill level w.r.t. each competency.

Each report provide the insights to managers/HR/L&D Dept. to arrive at decisions.

Learning Need Identification (As per Skill Matrix)

Skills2Talent™ CMS’s color coded Excel reports provide intelligence for decision makers to take actions in terms of specific strategic objectives and/or annual goals and actual achievement. The root causes of these competency gaps are analysed and countermeasures to be developed by HR / L&D Dept. and implemented through LMS (Learning Management System) or ILT (Instructor Led Training) or blend of both.


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