Performance Reviews (PR)

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Implement Performance Reviews in our Organization

OKR Stars™ foster a more agile, aligned, and productive workforce and gain insight into employee performance reviews. Empower employees, line managers and HR to easily track progress and achievement of goals. Thanks to intuitive review planning & tracking tool kit, dashboard with trends and colour code reports to see insights of real time review progress.

Configurable Review Strategy & Execution Plans

Company/Role/Employment Specific Review Workflows

Multiple Content Sections & Target Group Mapping

Options for Reviews (Emp./Only Managers/Reporting Structure/Peers/Matrix), Series or Parallel Reviews

Implementation Program

OKR Stars™ Review features help you with easy review cycle configuration options that allow HR to decide, # cycles, timeline, with or without ratings, timeframe limits to block/freeze reviews. Our extensive email alerts/reminders and time-based escalation mechanisms ensure your review programs target is met with actionable reports and dashboard.

Keep your line managers focused on the right review strategies that suite your organization. With transparent and aligned reviews everyone sees review progress in “real time” and ensure multilevel reviews and approvals on time..


Hassle-free Performance Reviews

Forget manual review processes and cumbersome, error-prone spreadsheets and forms. It's time to automate performance review planning to simplify processes, reduce paperwork, and provide one central place for review tasks and multi-level approvals - saving time and administrative costs.

OKR Stars™ Review features ensure the program is well executed with auto pilot mode, thanks for user friendly email alerts/reminders, reports and real time dashboard to monitor the progress. The review re-set self service option of any review type (employee/manager/skip level) or during any workflow state help HR team to resolve issues themselves.

Consolidated Reviews & Ratings

With OKR Stars™ you can easily configure your organization review cycle total ratings / grades per employee with multiple review ratings & frequencies. Be a calendar / financial year or anniversary appraisal (month of joining cycle) you can always use consolidate rating option to average the total score as appropriate.


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Break Digital Silos - Integrate Seamlessly

Our Software integrates with popular business applications, authentication providers and HRIS. Bridge the disconnect between strategic, operational and performance management systems.


Why we are Different?

Our strength is focussed talent management software implementation experience, deeper understanding of performance management domain and proven product to market fit, leading a short and successful implementation.

In house principal OKR coach, qualified consultant and MNC experienced professionals (>60 Yrs.) to provide a complete end to end "full OKR implemenation" services, including training to your internal OKR Champions with knowledge transition.

Comes with our backend remote support infrastructure, expertise for a systematic go-live.


Ease of Use (UX)

Millennials friendly modern UX design, built-in user tips/tutorials, free OKR & CFR samples & user training

Fully Customizable

>7 Years of excellent product-to-market fit software engineering maturity at SMBs to MNCs across industries clients

150+ Clients Exp.

Unique best practices, innovative implementation with digital product adoption tours for users

Ready Integration

First of its kind tools integration with HRIS, KPI data source, SSO, User adoption for OKR and Talent Management products

User Perspectives

Check out our designs by UX experts, In-app live flows, Online multimedia tutorials, tools integration and world-class support & training.

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Digitize Your Talent Management processes in one unified platform to manage OKRs, CFR, Continuous PMS, L&D and Core HR in one system.

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