Identify and 360° develop future leaders in your organization

Make a measurable impact with 360° feedback assessments along with Performance Management System to support SMART Talent Development.


Design Feedback Form

HR department or Managers can design custom forms, share templates to others. Employees can respond with history.


Select Target Group

Use group feature or select target audience to send form(s) to collect confidential feedback any time.


Report for Actions

Get insights on employees' Strengths, Areas of improvements and Perceptions of peers to use for SMART IDPs

4 Types of Feedback Reviews Automation

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A. 90° Feedback

Only Manager is an evaluator.

B. 180° Feedback

Manager, Peer Group participates.

C. 270° Feedback

Manager, peer group, subordinate participates.

D. 360° Feedback

Manager, peer group, subordinate, and self appraisal.


As an extension of your Performance Management, 360° helps you with HiPo development processes using modern talent management approach such as;
Guideline to identify HiPo would be, (a) Aspiration, (b) Ability, and (c) Engagement
Evaluate the Current State of Your High-Potential Employee Program
Identify High-Potential Employees at Your Organization
Engage and Retain High-Potential Employees

What are 360° Feedback Reviews?

360° Feedback Reviews are credible and effective way of gathering feedback from a diverse group of people in different roles. Feedback gathered from a 360° Review enables a Manager to get a more complete picture of how the employee (direct reports) interacts with others in the organization. The Manager can then use the information to create an effective SMART development plan for the employee.

How can you use feedback from 360° Feedback Reviews?

360° Reviews help Managers identify areas of improvement as well as strengths of an employee. Using the information gathered in a 360° Review, Managers can work with his / her direct reports to help them capitalize on their strengths as well as develop an action plan that enables an employee to focus on areas of development. SMART goal based development planning & tracking framework is an effective way to achieve the employee development.

When should 360° Feedback Reviews be conducted?

There are two ways you can use 360° Reviews at the end of the year as a supplement to Performance Reviews or mid-year as a tool for potential course correction.

Incorporating feedback from 360° Reviews into the overall review process enables organizations to deliver high quality employee assessments by incorporating responses not only from the Manager but from peers, direct reports, and other people the employee works with on a regular basis. Some organizations choose to launch 360° Feedback Reviews mid-year so corrective steps can be taken so improvements can be seen by the end of the year.

How do 360° Reviews work?

Even before 360° Reviews get launched in your organization, the first thing you need to do is pick the people who will rate the employee along with feedback comments. These raters are known as Participants. This is the most important part of preparing an effective 360° Review. While there is no set rule for defining the roles that should participate in the Review, you should strive to include a mix of roles so feedback received is balanced. To get you started, 360° Review forms already comes with suggested participants are the employee's Manager, the employee's peers, and the employee's direct reports, if any.


360° Feedback Reviews helps you to use these HiPo Development Methods - Best Practices:
Live/Classroom learning, Mentoring/Sponsorships, Experiential development through strategic projects involvement
Job rotation assignments, Executive coaching, Providing stretch goals, roles and such experineces
Social learning, Providing experiences outside your department, division, organization or group companies


Sample top strenghts you can seek feedback towards:
Motivating and inspiring
Identifying development needs
Communicating clearly
Building networks

Sample top areas of improvement you may get feedback for:
Seeking feedback
Improving performance
Demonstrating self-development
Handling disagreement
Developing strategy

Who need to be identified as participant list to provide feedback?

In our software platform you can decide (as Manager / HR) who need to participate before the Review is launched. You can design your 360° feedback review form to define questionnaire for each role. Our software application provides two different options for your organization to choose from.

Initiated by Manager for an employee (direct report) to collect 360° feedback from any one in your organization. Initiated by HR Admin for an employee to collect 360° feedback from any one in your organization.

Performance Reviews Add-ons?

With Add-on modules, you can achieve the multiple level of automation and data visibility as per your organization need and budget. Thereby at one integrated system you can have a convenient option of a comprehensive Performance Management System with scalable features on demand basis. With logical sequence of each of the features data, it is even more clear for Managers/HR to drive actions holistically without missing links.

→ Calibration → → SMART IDPs → → 360° Feedback →

Advantages of Add-On Modules

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