Add-on Modules (Skills2Talent™)


Timesheet Management (for IT companies)

Skills2Talent™ Timesheet (Add-on) help you to see how many hours have been spent per project and customer. You can easily compare projects and their people resources consumption. The benefits include qualitative decisions, project related information, employee productivity, manpower planning and financial controlling.

Track time spent (work hours) with Comments/Justification

Daily Time Logs - Internal/External Projects & Tasks (Productivity)

Timesheet Approval Workflows (Employee/Manager)

Multiple Custom Reports & Excel Download Option

Project Allocation

Skills2Talent™ Project Allocation (Add-on) help you to manage projects lists along with its key attributes, mapping employees with projects and its status (billable/bench etc), assigning a timeline and role for the project(s). Each employee project allocation/movement is supported with workflow approvals between reporting manager/HR/resource management department.

Keep your employees are effectively allocated in projects and utilized to maximize billability with easy & custom reports options for your IT services business. Keep your resources and projects data at your finger tips and reduce manually tracking overheads.


Pulse Survey / Employee Engagement

Skills2Talent™ Pulse Survey (Add-on) is a fast and frequent survey system, that does away with your complex questions and is intentionally designed to be done every few weeks/quarterly/annually. They give a quick insight into the health of a company, hence the name 'pulse'.

Build trust and drive employee engagement using online and confidential (response identity not disclosed) surveys and rollout with ease. Build a thriving culture, incresing productivity and improve key members/critical employees retention rates through actions based on pointers from survey reports.

Offboarding/Resignation/Exit Management

With Skills2Talent™ Offboarding (Add-on), you can digitize the employee separation management, make it very smooth and hassle-free to all stakeholders. The automation cover resignation forms submission (employee/manager/HR) and multilevel approval workflows, location specific department level clearance checklists & reminder emails, auto resignation approval configurability, exit interviews and intutive dashboard with excel download reports.


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Powered with backend support infrastructure, expertize in providing extensive solution level help with systematic go-live of Skills2Talent™ platform.


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Our Skills2Talent™ Talent Management platform give at most priority for user adoption to your employees, which is the largest population in your organization.

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