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Implement Value Added PMS Services in our Organization

Skills2Talent™ Full PMS Services (one-stop shop) help you with spectrum of enterprise-wide value added PMS services and on-demand basis as well. So, as a trusted partner we provide you choices for your organization and would love to recommend along with its ROI (Return of Investment). This would also mean our services cover a combination of on-site, off-site and remote based on your PMS implementation phase in your roadmap.

Creating Your Internal PMS Champion(s)

Weekly PMS Check-ins Facilitation

On Demand PMS Coaching/Consulting Retainership

Quarterly PMS Audits & Program Management

Internal PMS Champions & On-Demand Coaching/Consulting Retainership

Skills2Talent™ empower you to nominate and groom a suitable internal person to be your in-house “PMS Champion”. This dedicated (recommended) expert guide other employees and be a driving force and ensure synchronizing the PMS implementation effort across your organization per phase. PMS Champion(s) would report to your sponsoring body (CXOs) and help your workforce is inspired, motivated and empowered to collaborate to ensure the success of your enterprise PMS effort.

You may also want to have few PMS Ambassadors at group, project, delivery, account, program, site, location and P&L (profit/loss) levels. Our on-demand coaching/consulting retainership would help you to distribute your efforts accordingly to ensure a smooth rollout in phases as per roadmap and bandwidth.


Quarterly Audits & PMS Program Management

Behind every successful PMS implementation is an Experienced (in business roles) & Qualified PMS Coach who then cascade the knowledge to your in-house PMS Champions and Ambassadors. Our unique PMS quarterly audits (“validation” in addition to “verification”) ensure your PMS programs avoid most common pitfalls and efforts are not jeopardised.

Our Program Management services will ease out your internal staff constraints, bandwidth, competency gaps, focussed priority and ensure a disciplined project management practices are applied. Thus, we track the PMS program progress as per your roadmap w.r.t. scope, effort, timeline & quality and timely escalate the risks and suggest mitigation planes to be in place. Thus, the sponsor body (CXOs) can pay attention and take actions.

With OKRs, Join the likes of Google

With OKR Stars™, create another PMS playbook like Google for your organization. PMS approach, guidelines and templates are more increasingly adopted globally across sectors since becoming popular at Google. Join the trend digitally now like Intel, LinkedIn, Twitter, Uber etc. and grow big.


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Why we are Different?

Our strength is focussed talent management software implementation experience, deeper understanding of performance management domain and proven product to market fit, leading a short and successful implementation.

Our backend support infrastructure, expert in providing extensive solution level help with systematic go-live of PMS platform.


Ease of Use (UX)

Millennials friendly modern UX design, built-in user tips/tutorials, free PMS & CFR samples & user training

Fully Customizable

>6 Years of excellent product-to-market fit software engineering maturity at SMBs to MNCs across industries clients

100+ Clients Exp.

Unique best practices, innovative implementation with digital product adoption tours for users

Ready Integration

Instant integration option with range of our Talent Management Products (Skills2Talent™) & HRMS

User Perspectives

Our Skills2Talent™ Talent Management platform give at most priority for user adoption to your employees, which is the largest population in your organization.

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