Continuous Employee Development (Add-on Module)

Gain valuable insights into employee experience, expertise, performance, and career goals. Identify skills gaps and ensure your organization has strong bench strength with the right skills, experiences, and competencies by putting SMART IDPs (Individual Development Plans) in place for potential future successors to address these gaps. Recognize high potential employees throughout the whole organization and position them for leadership success.

Org., Dept./Team & Individual SMART IDPs with Approvals

Career Development Planning & Tracking with Approvals

Succession Development Planning & Tracking with Approvals

Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) & Approvals

360° Feedback (Add-on Module)

360° Feedback Reviews are credible and effective way of gathering feedback from a diverse group of people in different roles. Feedback gathered from a 360° Review enables a Manager to get a more complete picture of how the employee (direct reports) interacts with others in the organization. The Manager can then use the information to create an effective SMART development plan for the employee.

OKR Stars™ 360° Add-on module help HR Dept/Managers (for direct reports) to administer and collect feedback anytime during/out side of appraisal cycle from any one in the organization (without disclosing the source) as per need.


9 Box Grid (Add-on Module)

9 Box Grid Add-on Module help you to visualize a) Performance Vs Potential, b) Objectives Vs Behavioral and c) Risk of Attrition Vs Loss of Attrition information for the entire organization. Thus you can clearly identify your team's capabilities and development needs.

The expected outcome (from Manager/HR) is arriving at SMART IDPs (Individual Development Plans) for the purpose of Career/Succession/Performance Improvements. Some of actions expected are Retention management (attrition risk mitigation), Talent pool identification (to fill-up positions), decisions towards Job rotation, Promotions and Budget planning for L&D (Learning & Development) to name a few.

Why Add-ons Modules?

With OKR Stars™ Add-on modules, you can achieve the multiple level of automation and data visibility as per your organization need and budget. Thereby at one integrated system you can have a convenient option of a comprehensive Performance Management System with scalable features on demand basis. With logical sequence of each of the features data, it is even more clear for Managers/HR to drive actions holistically without missing links.


Advantages of Add-On Modules

Get free program consultation with our OKR & CFR experts in 3 steps. Experience how you can transform your performance management.




Break Digital Silos - Integrate Seamlessly

Our Software integrates with popular business applications, authentication providers and HRIS. Bridge the disconnect between strategic, operational and performance management systems.


Why we are Different?

Our strength is focussed talent management software implementation experience, deeper understanding of performance management domain and proven product to market fit, leading a short and successful implementation.

Our backend support infrastructure, expert in providing extensive solution level help with systematic go-live of OKR platform.


Ease of Use (UX)

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Fully Customizable

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